1. Complete tool set and components: including diversified categories of machined parts as follows:
    1.a.Complete Mold and Die
    1.b.CNC Optical Profile Grinding Components
    1.c.Forming Grinding Components
    1.d.OD & ID Grinding Components
    1.e.CNC Wire-cut EDM Machining Components
    1.f.CNC EDM machining Components
    1.g.CNC Milling Machining Components
    1.h CNC 3D High Speed Milling Machining Components
    1.i. CNC Lathing Machining Components
  2. ODM & OEM Die/Mold prototype tool
  3. Tooling Part
  4. Mechanism of Automation Equipment
  5. Other Customized Part and Assembl

Our products are able to be applied for the following industries:

  • Precise Metal Machining Industry
    3C / IT Industry
    Medical Hardware Industry
  • Automotive Industry
    Automobile Industry
    Optoelectonics Industry
    Semiconductor Industry
The machining material ranges from tungsten carbide, tool steel, HSS, industrial ceramics, engineering plastics and so on... With more than 20 year's manufacturing experience of precision molds, dies and automation parts and their assemblies, we are looking forward to serving clients with customization in accordance with their needs in bulk or small quantity.